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2019 Forklift Price Comparisons

Searching for a new or used forklift in Waukesha WI? In the process of production planning and financial projections, the questions management should be asking about potential forklift acquisitions are: what kind, how many, life span, rotation, new, used, etc? The right decision up front can save a company a great deal of money, efficiency and productivity. In many cases, good arguments can be made for having a combination of both new and used forklifts. Good management will include decisions about short-term and long-range equipment rotation that involves both new and used forklifts.

Because of the ups and downs in the current economy, the number of forklifts a company needs is often dictated by its product output. Thus, in a slow economy, there tends to be a slowdown in sales of new forklifts, with an upswing in the availability of used equipment. Some of the used forklifts are as good as new. There are numerous forklift companies in Waukesha WI marketing used forklifts, many of them easily identifiable through an internet search of locally accessible outlets.

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The main advice provided is that the buyer beware: make sure you use a local forklift company in Waukesha WI and that the company is able to document the track and maintenance record of the used forklift and stands behind the sale with maintenance and service help. Buying used forklifts means that you can get more for your money in terms of features than you would if you spent the same amount buying a new forklift. is pleased to help you save time and money searching for your next forklift. Our forklift company in Waukesha WI can assist you with question you may have, such as:

How much does a used forklift cost?
What does a new forklift cost?
What is considered high hours on a forklift?
What is the average lifespan of a forklift?
How much does a 10k forklift cost?
How much does it cost to maintain a forklift?
How much is it to lease a forklift?
How much does a Toyota forklift cost?

Waukesha WI Forklift Dealers

Welcome to the Forklift Dealer Network. Are you searching for a forklift dealer in Waukesha WI? has the best deals and the fastest service for forklift rentals, used forklifts for sale, new forklift sales, and forklift leases in Waukesha WI. Would you like to compare prices from multiple forklift dealers in Waukesha WI? Submit your requirements on our forklift dealer price form to get more information about prices, options, and terms from forklift dealers in Waukesha WI.

Clark Forklift Dealer in Waukesha WI
Crown Forklift Dealer in Waukesha WI
Hyster Forklift Dealer in Waukesha WI
Yale Forklift Dealers in Waukesha WI
Nissan Forklift Dealer in Waukesha WI
Toyota Forklift Dealer in Waukesha WI

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Used Forklifts For Sale in Waukesha WI

Forklift dealers in our network have the very best pre-owned forklifts on the market. We have dealers with used forklifts for sale in Waukesha WI that can send you more information, pricing, service level agreements, forklift maintenance service, and used forklift specs when you submit our quick forklift dealer price request. has dealers in Waukesha WI that have these types of used forklifts for sale:

Used Toyota Forklifts For Sale
Used Clark Forklifts For Sale
Used Crown Forklifts For Sale
Used Hyster Forklifts For Sale
Used Yale Forklifts For Sale
Used Nissan Forklifts For Sale
Used Komatsu Forklifts For Sale
Used Raymond forklifts For Sale

Forklift Rentals in Waukesha WI

Looking for a forklift rental in Waukesha WI? can offer you quick quotes and fast delivery for your forklift rental needs. Dealers in our network have the exact forklift to rent for your job at the lowest possible price. Our forklift dealers in Waukesha WI rent these types of forklifts:

Sit-down Rider Truck Rentals
Reach Truck Rentals
Order Picker Rentals
Pallet Jack Rentals
Rough Terrain Forklift Rentals
Dual fuel (Gas/LPG), Diesel, and Electric Forklift Rentals

Forklift Pricing from Forklift Customers in Waukesha WI

Loretta H in Waukesha WI – Bought a Used TOYOTA 7FDU70 Forklift – Price:$38,900
Boyd W in Waukesha WI – Bought a Used GENIE GTH842 Forklift – Price:$33,800
Clifton W in Waukesha WI – Bought a Used CAT GC60K Forklift – Price:$14,900

Forklift Dealers Near Waukesha WI

Nes Rentals – Waukesha, WI 53186
Sunbelt Rentals Inc – Waukesha, WI 53186
Midstate Rental – Waukesha, WI 53186

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