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Advice for the Used Forklift Buyer

Decisions about forklift acquisitions and forklift rentals demand careful analysis by the company management team. The typical questions that should be asked about forklift acquisitions are: quantity, life span, rotation, new, or used? The right decision up front can save a company a great deal of money, efficiency and productivity. Involvement of all stakeholders, from management to operations is essential, right down to equipment operators and mechanics. Strong arguments can be made in favor of a combination of new and used forklifts.

Obviously, the decision to exercise the option of purchasing a used forklift is an economic decision that assumes that the used forklift is in proper working condition. Your initial consideration, then, should be to determine how much usage the forklift has undergone. No forklift will last forever, but the secret is not to just look at the age of the vehicle. Age is certainly an important factor, but the amount and quality of usage on the forklift is more important because use equates with wear and tear. Ascertaining how much work – and what type of work – the forklift has performed in the past plays an important role in its overall operational capabilities and life expectancy. This means that it is important to purchase your used forklift from a company that has maintained some kind of use and maintenance log of its operational life. Was it used solely indoors in a warehouse? How heavy were its normal loads during its previous work life? How was it maintained? Ascertaining how much work – and what type of work – the forklift has performed will certainly give you a clue to its operational capabilities and life expectancy.

In order to be sure of the used forklift’s past history, it is best to buy your used product from a company that stands by its reputation. The quality of a used forklift, if bought from a reputed company will be as good as a new one. Reputable companies employ repair and maintenance experts. These professionals repair and service the machinery so that it reaches you in good condition. They will ensure that the used forklifts are properly functional and work perfectly. Thus, you will get a properly functioning forklift at almost half the price of a new one. So another caveat when purchasing used machinery is to get one with a guarantee from a company that also offers emergency and fast service.

How do you find a reputable company that is selling used equipment that is not outdated, nor forklifts that have been abused or neglected in their previous work life? It is generally recommended that the safer decision is to buy locally, but after first doing your homework by conducting an internet search for typical used machines on the market. Once you know what is selling and at what cost, you can start with local dealerships that are known for the quality of their products. Be careful of buying from companies that are liquidating because you could be inheriting someone else’s problems and end up purchasing a forklift that is outdated or that breaks down on you every time you try and use it. One way to fast forward your search and engage the caveats outlined here is to use the expert guidance of the expanding US Forklift Network. Their user-friendly variety of websites geared to the savvy forklift user will help you make a sound decision in your search for quality used forklifts.

If you are augmenting your forklift fleet of with used forklifts, it is recommended that you buy the same brand of used forklift as your new machines. That way, you can deal with the same parts and maintenance standards for both the new and used machinery.

Be sure to check out the required safety equipment when examining your prospective used machine. Sometimes attention is only placed on the operational, performance and productivity aspects of the vehicle while overlooking the effectiveness of the safety features. Including a company forklift operator in the final decision will enhance the quality of your choice.
Different rules apply when you are purchasing a used machine directly from a company that is disposing of an older machine than from a dealer that buys and sells used forklifts. Chances are that a dealership wishing to maintain its reputation in the field will be more careful in refurbishing the used machine before selling it than the private company that is simply trying to dispose of its outdated machinery.

Reputable used forklift establishments or dealers, when they acquire used equipment in a trade-in or purchase, perform a thorough tune-up of the product before putting it on the market. To achieve that end, their expert technicians refurbish each piece of used equipment that comes onto their lot. They don’t want you buying someone else’s junk. Being a wise consumer is your best safeguard against making a bad decision when purchasing a used forklift. The U.S. Forklift Network is your best source of consumer information about new and used forklifts and an ideal first step in your search for the best and most extensive information available on the subject.